Scenic spot survey2017-02-24

Tongbai mountain scenic area is located at the junction of Huaiyuan Henan Hubei Province area of Tongbai mountains in the middle of two, a total area of 108 square kilometers. Is a national scenic area, national Forest Park, the national AAAA level scenic spots.

Tongbai mountain is the birthplace of Trinidad Huaihe. Huaihe originated in Tongbai Taibai mountain peak, one of the ancient "four Du Huaihe" known as "Four River" emperors misfortunes blessings for offering to the Ming Dynasty Huai Huai, offering only reached 36 times; Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty book "Ling Du An lan" memorial ceremony, Yong Zhengci book "Huiji He Cao" thanks to the temple, Qianlong personally wrote "Huai source".

Tongbai mountain is the Central Plains region of Pangu myths and legends of the most concentrated areas, is Chinese Pangu township. "The dawn of time, blood for the Huai river". Tongbai folk on the myth of Pangu is very rich, physical evidence can be seen everywhere. China famous mythology expert Yuan Ke study concluded that: "Tongbai mountain is Pangu Central Plains culture center, Tongbai in 2005 by China Minxie named" Chinese Pangu town ", 2008 Pangu culture is entered China intangible cultural heritage.

Tongbai Mountain Buddhism culture in long history. Tongbai mountain view is one of the five national jintaiguan Avenue in the northern and southern dynasties. Tongbai mountain is the birthplace of Baiyun Mountain, Buddhist Rinzai derivative, once with Zhejiang Putuo Temple par, known as "South Putuo, North Yuntai" said. Now the Department of Baiyun Mountain monks at home and abroad. There are thousands of years of history in Tongbai, one of the original temple in Tongbai, one of the 6 Buddhist institutes in Henan.

Tongbai mountain is the base of red revolutionary tradition education. There has been set up 3 central level, 6 provincial level, 9 cities, 12 county-level government and military leadership. In 2004, the Central Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the former site of Ye Jia Zhuang is listed as one of the 100 classic red tourism scenic spots.

Tongbai mountain is a natural dividing line between the north and South geographical boundaries and the two major river systems. Natural scenic area is located in the north and south boundary climatic transition band and the two major Huaihe River, has a unique geographical landscape and vegetation landscape. Climate compatible type warm temperate zone and north subtropical forest ecosystem, transition zone is good, the formation of multi intersection, and compatible complex flora, experts called natural gene pool species in the Central Plains and the Museum of natural history.